Whats My Abu Worth ???

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Whats my Mint Abu, Ambassadeur or Record fishing reel worth ?"

"I've got an Abu Ambassadeur 5500 gold reel, what is it worth?"
"I have mint in the box Abu Ambassadeur 6000C, Unfished and ....."
"How much should i expect to get for my Abu 9000 fishing reel?"
"What is a fair price to pay for an old record 1600 with box?"
"I have this old Ambassadeur leather fishing case - Whats its value ?"

These are just some of the questions I have been asked, by collectors, fishermen and strangers from all parts of the world...!

And my answer !!

Your mint Abu, Ambassadeur, or Record Fishing Reel is worth as much as some-one is willing to pay !

Of course, the more rare the reel is, the higher the value will be. The better the condition, the better the price ! In my opinion there is no maxium or even average price... This is because there are so many variables to take into account...

The majority of collectable reels are often found on auction sites, and this has a BIG impact on the final price.

For example....
On Ebay, there have been a number of beautiful reels that have appeared over the years.
But For some strange reason, the sellers of these reels, will NOT ship oversea's, and the end price reflects that fact..

As an example (One of many i could have used) - In 2009, An Abu Ambassadeur 1500, Described as being in mint cond. Sold on Ebay for $77. There were 12 bids. The seller would NOT ship oversea's !

2 months later the same type of reel ( Also described as being "Mint") was sold on Ebay for $176. There were 23 bids and the seller was willing to ship oversea's !!!

Other factors determining the final price..

The presentation of your auction... PRESENTATION PRESENTATION PRESENTATION
This ALONE will have a BIG impact on the final price you get for the reel..


Abu Ambassadeur XXXX for sale.. Good Cond. Look at the pictures and judge yourself !

Followed by the picture... One picture only - completly BLURRY taken with either an old cellphone or cheap camera,

My point is, if you want the best possible price, you must be prepared to put a little effort into making your item viewable to all potential buyers ! 

As a Collector, if I am to buy from you, i want the following...

Detailed clear photos, preferably all 5 angles of the reel... Top, bottom, left / right side, and finally under the foot of the reel... These pictures alone tell me alot about the reel. If the photos are good, i can then be the judge of your description about the reel being "Mint", "Unused", "Unfished", "Rare", "Extremely Rare" etc etc.. 

By the way ....These words "Mint, Unused, Unfished, Rare etc..

"They are used way to often by people / sellers who have no true idea of the value of the reel, but they think by using the words it will increase their sale price.. Novice collectors should also be VERY WARY of those words !! As a collector / buyer... There is nothing worse than reading a description that starts off as.... "Here we have a Super MINT XXX, apart from a few minor scratches this reel is truely mint"

Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!

The time of year...
Is it really a good idea to sell during December ?

Is it really a good time to sell in June / July (Sweden only - refers to summer holidays) when actually most fisherman are out on the lakes and rivers...

If your reel is going to be used rather than collected - Is it not best to try and sell it just before the fishing season starts ?

How many other reels like yours are out on auction at the same time.
A quick search on Tradera at the time of writing this showed there were...
3 x Record 1500's for sale
2 x Record 1600's
3 x Record Ambassadeur 5000's
3 x Ambassadeur 5000C's for sale
etc etc... 
So LOOK on Ebay / Tradera BEFORE you put your reel out for auction !!

How many buyers are looking for just the reel you are selling ?.
"Totally out of your hands as a seller"
But as mentioned above, if luck is on your side and you have the ONLY  model out there, then chances are good that you will get a better price for it... This is definately the case for those hard to find Record, Ambassadeur reels which are sort after by many Abu collectors.

How long you run your auction will have an impact on your final price !
3 days, 5 Days, 7 days or 14 days ?
Answer for me is obvious - 14 days represents maximum exposure!  
(Not sure how many days you are allowed on Ebay, but Tradera has the option of 14 days)

DONT BE IN A RUSH to sell !!!!
Do some background investigating on you reel... If you can get hold of, or buy some of the Abu Books that are around (See my links page).. Some of the books even give you price examples, but these are now really just a guideline... The books are a few years old now and as i wrote above, there are many other factors that determine what price you will eventually get for your Abu fishing reel..

As a Collector, Im always looking out to better my collection, and through this site, I have been able not only too sell or aquire Abu fishing reels for other collectors, Iv'e even purchased reels from people who have contacted me. So if you have an Abu fishing reel just lying around - feel free to email me about it - Include a price, a good description and good photo's ! If your not sure what your Abu reel is worth, then I will make you an offer based on the information you send me..



Comments & Questions

Random Comments (Website only)

I don't mind anyone leaving a comment on the website, but if you seriously want to know the aprox value of your ABU, RECORD AMBASSADEUR Classic or Vintage reel, then it is much better to email me (reelhunter@live.com) and include as much information as possible.

Include detailed clear photos, preferably all 5 angles of the reel... Top, bottom, left / right side, and finally under the foot of the reel. Number under the foot ? New or used ? Mechanical condition if used ? Accessaries ? Leather case? Oil bottle ? Spare parts ? Extra spool ? etc etc..

Below are some of the comments visitors have left. My thoughts with this, are to share these comments to other Abu visitors who may also be looking for the same answers. I have also included email address, for those wanting to sell their Abu reel. 



05.04.2017 03.10 | Parrish Brackett | pbrackett1@gmail.com

I have a 5500c sweden 24 gold and stainless my grandad give me more than 30 years ago reel has never been fished or used excellent condition #on bottom of holding plate is 761000. The value ? Thanks Would like to sell just wanted ballpark price to see if if would help with medical equipment. Grandpa gave around 400.00 long ago I've had it for 34 yrs.

Reel-hunter - Hi Parrish, Well looking at my records, you should get at least $400 USD. If you have the original box, paperwork etc, you may get $500 +


30.12.2016 21.43 | Don Morales | thereeldoctor2003@yahoo.com

What can you tell me about an Abu Matic 80?

Reel-hunter - Abumatic 80, 1959-1969, bigger version of the Abu 70. Earliest model had pearl coloured hand knob on the winder, later it was white, then black. With box $100-150 USD if its in V.G Condition

25.02.2017 08.05 | Lee townsend | townsend77@aol.com.au

Hi I have 3 Abu reels that I am looking to get rid of I have no idea on value of the reels I am based in Australia .i have 1x Abu 1500 c silver clolur high speed . 1x Abu 2500c 1x 75th anniversary.

Reel-hunter - Lee, I have sent you an email regarding this 🤪


I have a Ambassadeur 5000 C Deluxe in Black and Gold SerNo. 10748 used a bit but still very nice. Any Idea about the price?

Reel-hunter I would start at around $400 USD, but without seeing it I cant be too sure !

Much depends on the condition of the reel, and this price includes the wooden box and extras that come with the set.

Richard B Smith - 03.03.2019 

I have a very nice ambassadeur 1500 c high speed (silver) reel.Could you please tell me it's value.

Reply 25.03.2019 20.31

Without photo's hard to say.. $100 - $150 USD. More if you have the original box and accessories. A popular reel that always sells well ! Pete (Reelhunter)