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8. Apr, 2021

Received an email from Julie, who is interested in selling more than 170 reels from her fathers collection.

I have all the reels my father bought from yard sales-mostly in southern Florida. There are over 170 reels; 6 Abu Garcias, 2 Garcias, and 12 Garcia Mitchells. One that I have is the Ambassadeur 5000D. That one has a paper service manual with it, a key, and a black case for the reel.
I also have a Abu Garcia 6500C which is in good condition.I have photos of all the reels! I also have Shaakespeare, Penn, an old Record, a couple of J.A. Coxe reels, South Bend, Olympic, Pflueger, Ocean City, Heddon, Zebco, and Ryobi. Would you be interested in any of these reels? I just need to be rid of them. I have catalogued them all, and can send you photos of any of them.

Thank you,
Julie Hill

Good Luck Julie ;) Pete-Reel-hunter

24. Feb, 2021

The year that was... Trump and Covid, one has been eradicated (to remove or destroy utterly) and the other is mutating and continues to spread. Here in Sweden we continue to have an OPEN society but we also have restrictions in place - Finally ! Vaccination's have begun, starting with the elderly and those in the health system who are front runners and hero,s in my world !
As for me, Well I'm fine - Despite losing my job ! Right now i have a new job lined up, and all going well, I hope to be working again in June this year - Fingers crossed.

When is a good time to sell that Abu fishing reel, thats just lying around ???  RIGHT NOW s the answer!!!.  Due to covid, there are many people at home that are spending more time than ever on the internet. So if you have a bunch of old reels just lying around the place, sell them instead whilst you can. Covid wont be around forever (Lets hope) and neither will your potiential buyers!

25. Jun, 2020

Hello all you Abu freaks out there. I hope you are keeping safe and well under these weird times! I have noticed that the number of visitors have been increasing over the last 4 months or so and just now the number of unique visits is sitting around just over 10,000 per month. For a small niche website, Im happy its growing...

I would love some feedback from you the visitors about what more you would like to see on this site ? You can emai me at

And i want to apologise to ALL you visitors who have emailed me over the last few months, because I have not had the time to reply to anyone, as I have some personal stuff going on in my life right now, and throw in Covid 19 crisis here in Sweden, well its just a bad year !!  Anyways, please dont be offended if I have not answered your mail. I just dont have the time time right now..   Tight Lines to everyone - Pete (Reelhunter)

13. Feb, 2020

Jan 2020 starts off with a BANG. A RARE Abu Record 2000 with Yellow amber spacers sells for $4,350 USD. See pics & info in my Special Abu Items page.

1. Jan, 2020

Happy New Year to all you Abu Collectors out there. 2019 was a fantastic year as far as the site goes, on average 5000 - 6000 unique visitors per month. The new Abu Price Index seems to be popular, and like me, it comes in handy when your looking at auction prices, or are at a garage sale and suddenly find that special Abu reel you have been looking for. I still have a few more reels to add to the list for 2019, and at this stage I will not update again in 2020, as it takes a lot of time and effort for me.

I have hade to remove automatic comments because of spam, so now all comments have to be approved by me before they are accepted on the site. Its a shame one or two idiot's can spoil a good thing for other honest people !

With that I want to Wish you all a Happy New Year and Tight Lines in 2020.

Pete (Reelhunter)