24. Mar, 2016

415kg Blue Fin Tuna

Fishermen love to talk, and in Sweden it's no exception. You can fish anywhere and strike a conversation with anyone.. That's the great thing about fishing, its social, and I have meet alot of great people whilst out fishing. My kiwi accent gives me away, so as soon as I open my mouth, the Swedes are quick to ask "Where are you from?"... England maybe ? Nooooooo., Australia ? Nooooo and more often than not, I have to say - New Zealand ! But when I do, their eyes usually light up and the conversation usually turns to fishing... "I bet the fish are big over there" is often a question I get asked.. Well the answer is yes ! In New Zealand the fishing is great. Not just in the sea, even the freshwater fishing produce World records.. Here are just 3 examples.