8. Apr, 2021

Over 170 Fishing Reels for sale inc. Abu

Received an email from Julie, who is interested in selling more than 170 reels from her fathers collection.

I have all the reels my father bought from yard sales-mostly in southern Florida. There are over 170 reels; 6 Abu Garcias, 2 Garcias, and 12 Garcia Mitchells. One that I have is the Ambassadeur 5000D. That one has a paper service manual with it, a key, and a black case for the reel.
I also have a Abu Garcia 6500C which is in good condition.I have photos of all the reels! I also have Shaakespeare, Penn, an old Record, a couple of J.A. Coxe reels, South Bend, Olympic, Pflueger, Ocean City, Heddon, Zebco, and Ryobi. Would you be interested in any of these reels? I just need to be rid of them. I have catalogued them all, and can send you photos of any of them.

Thank you,
Julie Hill

Good Luck Julie ;) Pete-Reel-hunter