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7. Dec, 2019

Still getting quite a few emails, regarding valuations for those classic, vintage Abu fishing reels from all corners of the globe (Abu Garcia must be happy). This year I have spent hours upon hours updating the Price Index page, so all YOU visiters can hopefully find the reel your looking for quickly, and at the same time, give you an idea of what your reel could be worth. Simply click on the link above, or the Price Index Page on the main menu.

7. Dec, 2019

Sold for $850-Dec 2019.
2 other Simon Shimomura reels were also sold.
A Simon Shimomura Custom Abu Ambassadeur 5600 CDL Grey, sold for $554 and a Custom Abu Ambassadeur 5500C Teal, which sold for $402. Visit my Special Abu Items page if you would like to see more photos.

6. Dec, 2019

Abu Garcia Admiral 4/0 Big Game Fishing reel from Everol, sold for $2300 USD. See the details in my Special Abu Items page. Very hard to find these reels these days. The were actually made by Everol and came in 3 sizes.. Everol 4/0, 6/0 and the largest ever Abu reel made, was the Abu Garcia Admiral 7.5/0

2. Oct, 2019

Thats right... This Gold Set (Salmo Salar 6500 ) was donated by Abu Garcia. It sold at a special auction back in 2015. There are only 2 sets made. The money raised from the auction will be used in a project to help save the salmon in the Baltic sea. In total 3 Million swedish crowns was raised at the auction. So this is probably the most expensive Abu fishing reel set in the entore world.

2. Oct, 2019

A Record Abassadeur with an extremly low serial number 50055, sold for $736 USD.. Read more about it in the Special Abu Items page or on the Price Index page.