"Hey" and "Welcome" to all you Abu, Ambassadeur and Record Collectors out there. Looking for Vintage Classic Abu Reels ? Well come on in...


My name is Pete, and I live in Stockholm Sweden. I'm not sure if it is my real home yet ? I was actually born and breed in one of the best countries in the world.... New Zealand.

For the last 19 yrs I have been living here in Sweden and I have been collecting Abu reels for about 15 years now.

The name Reel-Hunter came about after I was contacted by a Japanese man who was looking for an early model Record fishing reel to add to his collection. He had been wanting a contact in Sweden for quite sometime, but was not sure if the Swedish people would understand his not so good English!

( For the RECORD and No pun intended, Swedish people from my experience are very capable of the English language... So never be afraid to ask a Swede to speak or write in english !)

Anyway, after 2 weeks searching the reel he had been looking for, was on its way to Japan.
Since then I have managed to add 8 more Abu collectables to his collection.

Amazing how word spreads around, since this first request, I have sent numerous Abu related items (reels and other Abu collectables) to various collectors around the world, all done by word and mouth.

So the name Reel-Hunter was not a difficult choice for me, as it relates to my passion in the hunting down and collecting of these fine Swedish reels.

Fishing also goes hand in hand with collecting ABU reels.., and according to Wikipedia I have over 97,500 lakes here in Sweden that are larger than 2 acres (8,100 m2), to fish in !

Above is a Northern Pike or Gädda as it's known here in Sweden..
After the photo she was released, because I believe in Catch n Release !

Whats your thoughts on this subject ? (Catch and Release)

Abu and the original A.B Urfabriken

During the summer months I spend most of my free time fishing for Pike, Bass, Sea Trout, Rainbow Trout and Salmon. One of the rivers I've yet to Fish in - is the Morrum...

Every year sports fisherman from all over the world come to the Morrum to test their luck and skills against the best fighting fish Sweden has to offer - The mighty Salmon.

The Morrum river also has a connection to Abu and the original A.B Urfabriken situated in Svangsta . I read that the Morrum was also where Gote Bergstrom tested those early RECORD reels and I cant help wondering if he ever hooked up a large Salmon on those early Record Reels..

Imagine trying to reel in a 20kg/42 pound Salmon with a Record 1300 !!

One of these days I will visit the Abu Musuem in Svangsta, and at the same time I will take the opportuntity to fish the Morrum. But i think i will leave the Record 1300 at home!

My choice for those BIG SALMON is the Ambassadeur 7000 Pro Rocket. The river salmon above is the largest I have caught (so far) It weighed 13.2kg / 30 pounds and was caught in 2006.

The original A.B Urfabriken.. From clocks to taxi-meters and finally to a household name in fishing - ABU.

Ok - I hope you enjoy my ABU Website..

If you ever plan to travel to Sweden

( Stockholm ) and would like to do some fishing whilst your here, then feel free to drop me an email. Stockholm is a beautiful city and besides all the wonderful history the city has to offer, for the fisherman who comes in the summer months of June - August, there is an opportunity for you to fish Salmon - right in the heart of Stockholm !

( Without the need for a boat )..

Where else in the world can you do that ?
( Fish For Salmon and Sea Trout in the middle of town )

Hope you will also take the time to sign my guestbook, as I would love to know more about my guests and what countries you come from.

If you have a website relating to Abu or Collecting Abu - Ambassadeur reels, let me know and I would be happy to provide a link to your site..