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Record Ambassadeur 5000 Black.
$5125 USD Jan 2009

The highest price paid for An Abu Fishing Reel according to my database (2006 - 2009)

Goes to - not surprisingly... (All prices on this site have been converted to USD)

The Record Ambassadeur 5000 (Black)

The Price $5125 USD.

It was sold on Tradera in January 2009.

A second reel also appeared in the same month, it sold for $2966 USD.

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Feb 2017 (More photos of this reel can been seen in the Feb 2017 Auction page)
ABU 600 Export Reel (Record 2000) - RARE RARE RARE, I dont think I have ever seen this reel before up for auction, but here it is. 10 bids with the winning bid being $948 ! The reel is now on its way to Japan. Described as... "ABU 600 Export reel (Record 2000), the original leather box. Reel is in reasonable good shape but has wear, and works well. The reel has a crack in the pads, seen at the image."

Abu 222, Mint Condition - Sold for $465 (26 Bids) THe pictures tell the story. More photo's of this reel can be found in the Feb 2017 Auction page.

Record 2100 with its original purple lined box (Very Rare Box) Lots of interest with 63 bids and a good return for the seller... Winning bid was $1250. More photo's of this reel can be found in the Feb 2017 Auction page.

Ambassadeur 6600C High Speed from 1977 attracted 41 bids, with the winning bid being $498. Described as possibly being unfished and in beautiful cond.. More photo's of this reel can be found in the Feb 2017 Auction page.

Other Reels in the Abu $300+ Club (2006-2009)

Where did these results come from ?

I started building a database back in 2006, so the reels in the $300+ Plus Club are based on my own database.. In 2006 I monitored both Ebay in the USA and the Swedish auction site Tradera.


After one year of religiously recording all the results, I decided it was way to much work to monitor both auction sites, so from 2007 and forward most of the time i monitored only the Swedish site. However being curious by nature, I often sneak back into Ebay every now and again just to see if there are any exciting reels popping up there... And the answer is of course - There are ALWAYS interesting Abu, Ambassadeur and Record reels turning up on Ebay's site.. 



Gold Reels

Abu Ambassadeur 5500C Deluxe
$3590 - (Ebay) Dec 2006
Was the closing bid on this 1976 Abu Ambassadeur 5500C Deluxe Gold Plated Set.
28 bids and full description as it appeared below.

This is the Very Rare Abu Ambassadeur 5500C Deluxe Bait Casting Reel. It is a kind of Silver Blue colour and all of the parts that are normally chrome are Gold Plated on this model. It is in Absolutely Mint Condition and has never been fished. I guarantee that this reel is all original. (It was an anniversary gift when new). Included with the reel is the original wood box containing a small tube of spare parts, an extra spool, a bottle of oil, a dark blue bag, and a wrench. There is also a small sterling silver plate designed to be engraved with the name of the owner. It is not attached to the wood box and it has not been engraved. It is somewhat tarnished but I will not polish it as I want to leave it in its' original condition. I do not have the instruction papers or the original cardboard box. I think this was made in 1976. The number on the base plate is 761000. It has the red "high speed" sticker and the red "G" sticker

Abu Ambassadeur 5000 Deluxe
$1424 - (Tradera) Oct 2006
Top Of The Month - $1424 for none other than a Mint Abu Ambassadeur 5000 Deluxe from 1962. 14 bids on this gorgeous set that had the following description….First model of classic Gold Reel. The reel is in perfect condition and never used, nameplate in silver with stamp M9 (1962).The reel have nr 4480 under foot,701 on the member card for Ambassadeurclub.The Ambassadeur needle is there, sparespool,tool, tube with spare parts and oil bottle. (No Pic, seen enough gold reels this month)

Abu Ambassadeur 5600 CDL
$1277 - (Ebay) March 2006
An Ambassadeur 5600 CDL. It sold for $1277. Quite a rare reel as it has a lower production level than the more common 5500 CDL. The serial number on the foot was 771100 and according to the seller, it is the first and only lot number verified for this exclusive model in Simon Shimomura's book, The Ambassadeur and I Final Chapter. The reel was described as mint, brand new, unused condition. It also came with its mint teakwood presentation box (with some beautiful dark streaking in the wood grain of the lid), its silver nameplate (never engraved), its paperwork, spare spool, bottle of oil and wrench.

$1025 - (Ebay) Sept 2009
Described as being in great cond. serial number 2706
Abu Ambassadeur 5000C Deluxe
$920 - (Ebay) Jan 2006
The top selling Abu reel this month from my records on Ebay was an Ambassadeur 5000C Deluxe. It sold for a hefty $920 and judging my the photos I have to agree with the description the seller wrote.. That being, that it was mint. Naturally it came in its teak box, together with a spare spool, unopened oil bottle and spare parts and the guarantee card which was never filled in.. The serial number was 14362

Abu Ambassadeur 5600 CDL
$825 - (Tradera) April 2006
An Ambassadeur 5600 CDL (Gold Reel) in mint condition sold for $825.
Nothing really much to add to this - it was indeed in mint cond. (Serial Number was 800400)

Abu Ambassadeur 5000C Deluxe
$780 - (Ebay) Oct 2006
An Ambassadeur 5000C Deluxe in its teak box. Description was ….
This is a very nice collectable Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5000C Deluxe black with gold plating fishing reel in a wood box and the cardboard box is also present however the cardboard has a bit of wear and slight tearing. The wood box is very close to mint and the reel is also close to mint. There is a couple small scratches on the left side plate and that is all on the reel. The box is very nice and only needs a dusting and a polishing.

Abu Ambassadeur 5000 Deluxe
$765 - (Ebay) August 2006
An Abu Ambassadeur 5000 Gold Deluxe sold for $765 after attracting 16 Bids. The serial number for this set was 7369 and it was described as being in near mint cond. ((No Photo))

Abu Ambassadeur 5000 Deluxe
$675 - (Ebay) June 2006
An Ambassadeur 5000 Deluxe from 1962 Sold for $675. The serial number was a low 788, unfortunately there was oxidizing of the gold plating which probably influenced the sold price. Other than that the reel was described as being in excellent working order.

Abu Ambassadeur 5500C Deluxe
$635 - (Ebay) March 2006
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500 CDL Simon Shimomura sold for $635, below is how the seller described it.
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500 CDL Simon Shimomura Serial Number SSCDL151 This is a Simon Shimomura 5500 CDL. Reel is only available in the Japanese market. It retails for $1100.00 U.S. dollars. Included is the Wood Box, Box Sleeve, Grease, Wrench, Power Handle, Extra Spool, Tube of Parts and Engravable Name Plate for the Wood Box. Reel is new. A Simon Shimomura reel is the smoothest and most beautiful reel there is.

Abu Ambassadeur 5600 CDL
$562 - (Tradera) Feb 2006
Ambassadeur 5600 CDL The reel was described as only been prove casted a few times, with some small marks in the black paintwork. The wooden display box was in ex.cond and the name plate was not engraved.

Abu Ambassadeur Morrum MM Gold Reel
$491 - (Ebay) Oct 2006
This was an interesting set and one I have never seen before ! An Abu Ambassadeur Morrum MM Gold Reel also in a teak box. Times like this I wish I had a spare $500 in my back pocket.. For me anyway, this was a beautiful set. Not surprisingly there was 20 bids on this set. Here was the sellers description..
AMBASSADEUR MORRUM MM Gold collector reel. New condition and never fished. # 139 of only 1000 made worldwide. Ser. # is 100010/47. I am told the gold is actual 24 carot. Reel features high-speed 6:3 to 1. Magnetic brake, Line capacity is 155yds. of 10lb., Box is solid teak wood with original unused black and gold velvet bag, tools, grease and manual. Tools and grease is unopened. Box is in great shape with no rips or tears. Reel is very smooth and very impressive! A great collector reel and maybe too nice to fish!


Record Reels

Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG
$3775 - (Tradera) Jan 2006
Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG. Mint...Sold for $3775

Record 400
$2028 - (Tradera) Dec 2006
What a Xmas present for the Abu Collector who has everything, EXCEPT for a RECORD 400..
Described as being in good used condition this reel fetched 16 bids. According to the seller the Record 400 is Only made in 1954. Imported from Sportex in Germany and marked both sportex and Record. And I would have to agree with his other comments - that being "A Very Hard Reel to Find"..

Record 500
$1520 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
Always great to see a real vintage and rare reel appear in the No1 position for the month.
$1520 - would have brought you this mint in its leather case Record 500. 16 Bids on this reel that was described as being mint. Produced only between 1950-1951 the reel came with all its original accessories.

Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG
$1523 - (Ebay) June 2006
A Record Ambassadeur 5000 MOD SG sold for $1523. Short Description with the seller letting the pictures tell the story. Indeed it looked in V.G Cond.

Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG
$1225 - (Ebay) Nov 2006
Was the final price for this Record Ambassadeur 5000 model SG. Described as being in Ex.Cond. The leather case was described as being mint and there were 16 bids on this historical reel. Judge yourself..

Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG
$1191 - (Ebay) March 2006
Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG. Sold for $1191(Nice set, including a spare spool, parts leather case) Above average cond, boat rash visible on the top side, with the underside being perfect. Deep Red in colour. Grey spool and stardrag, no serial number.

Record Ambassadeur 5000 4 Screw
$1119 - (Tradera) Jan 2006

Abu Record 400
$1016 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
Well it usually happens - Seldom seem, this very rare Record 400 sold for $1016. And as I write this, another two 400's are out on auction.. With 8 days left to run, the current bid on one of these reels stands at $966. The other reel has 9 days to run and currently stands at $500. Back to this particular reel, it was described as being in used cond and the previous owner had drilled 2 small holes in the reel's foot. 20 bids on this very rare reel. Will be interesting to see the final price on the other reel as it appears to be in better cond.. Wait and see ! Note that the 400 was only made in 1954. Imported from Sportex in Germany and marked both Sportex and Record.

Record 1800 WD
$1095 - (Tradera) Oct 2006
For this very nice Record 1800WD. That was the only description given, so unless they talked with the seller, I guess the pics sold the reel. Only 6 bids on this reel...

Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG
$1053 - (Tradera)
Without serial number this reel was described as being in V.G Cond. Hardly used with a few small marks. The reel had never been used in salt water, only in rivers and lakes. The original leather case, and accessories also described as being in V.G Cond.

Record 2000 Amber Yellow
$1007 - (Tradera) March 2006 RECORD 2000 "AMBER YELLOW"... Im still kicking myself for not winning this auction !! An extremely rare opportunity to own one of Abu's most attractive reels. Not only attractive but very rare and it will hard to find a set as good as this one ever again ! Listed on Tradera this set appeared to be 100% complete and if you have Dan Skupiens book, you can see a similar set on page 35. Add to this an original dated receipt, and you have a truly desirable collectable. Probably the nicest set I have seen in 3 years of collecting. The foot number was 962 and the reel itself was described as being in V.G Condition. The entire set sold for $1007, in my opinion a real bargin !!

Record 2000
$942 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
Seems to be the month for selling very rare reels - Take a look at this seldom seem Abu 600. So Rare, it was never even listed in Napp and Nytt (Tight Lines) First one I have seen for sale. The Abu 600 was an export variation of the Record 2000 and this particular reel has been in the same family all its life… Described as being well used, but also well taken care of the reel attracted 17 bids.

Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG
$860 (Ebay) May 2006 A Record Ambassadeur 5000 MOD SG sold for $860. There were 9 bids on this reel.
The reel was in reasonable condition for its age, had a reasonable amount of rash on the top plates and came with its original leather case. The oil vial and parts tube were also included, although im not sure if it was empty or not. There have been quite a few of these reels coming up over the last few months. I suspect it is a chain reaction as collectors upgrade the standard of their collection. In January 2006 a near mint SG (No 1 on my top 10 list) was sold on the Tradera site and since then, there have been a number of SG's changing hands. I expect this flow of such a rare and collectable reel will slow down again shortly, until of course, the next mint, or unfished SG arrives, causing the chain reaction to start all over again. Will be interesting to see if the same thing happens now, after the sale of the 5500 Gold !

Record 2100
$792 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
For the rare Record Sport 2100 complete with ultralight magnesium tournament
spool, high precision bearing caps and numbered brake setting indicators. I have only seen 2 of these in all the years I have been watching auctions. A true collectors item and not surprisingly there were 14 bids placed on the reel.

Record 500
$787 - (Tradera) Jan 2006
A Record 500 in mint condition from 1951-1952. This was indeed a beautiful set, which included the original case. Looked to be a Phase 2 model (model after the SG) in very nice condition, no serial number, grey spool and star-drag. Minor spots on the top side of the dark red plates. Came complete with the leather case (No markings) and was described as V.G / Mint Cond.

Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG
$744 - (Tradera) Feb 2006
Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG. Mint.
Came complete with the leather case (No markings) and was described as being in very nice cond. Pictures revealed wear on the edge of both plates (topside)..Handle appeared to have some scratches on it. The leather case was in V.G cond and included the wrench, oil and spare parts tube.

Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG
$660 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
For a Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod SG. Well personally I think the buyer got a bargain on this reel. Looked to be in good - v.g.cond with correct case and accessories.
Obvious pitting / boat rash on the top of the plates..Judge yourself.

Record Ambassadeur 5000 mod. SG
$663 - (Tradera) Oct 2006
Would have brought you this fine Record Ambassadeur MOD SG Reel. There seems to be quite a few of these popping up at the moment and this may have something to do with what I feel is a GREAT BUYING PRICE for a reel that shaped the history of reels for ABU. A MUST HAVE for any serious collector, this one would sit proudly in any collection. Can only say congratulations to the buyer :)

Record 1600
$650 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
For a Record 1600 complete with its green seagrass box. Also described as being in V.G cond. however was missing one screw on the handle side plate.

Record 2100
$607 - (Tradera) Sept 2006
Here is a super rare Record Sport 2100 with a special competition spool. Those of you have Daniel Skupiens book will have read all about this reel. What a beauty this was, and probably we wont see another one in this condition for a long time to come. 13 bids and $607 later the reel, Im sure, now sits on its new owners shelf. The pictures tell the story.

Record Ambassadeur 5000
$591 - (Ebay) Nov 2006
For this beautiful Record Ambassadeur 5000.. Described as being in fantastic cond. with matching numbers on the sideplates and frame. (I learn something new every day !) Anyway the photos tell the story.. No serial number under the foot and 8 bids on this reel that came from a Swedish seller.

Record 2100
$531 - (Tradera) May 2006 A Record 2100 in superb condition.. Now this particular reel is what I consider RARE.. Look closely at the spool and you will see it has the competition type spool. Have only seen 2 -3 of these in my time !

Record Ambassadeur 5000
$527 - (Tradera) Oct 2006
Ohhhh la la - Take a look at this beautiful example of a Record Ambassadeur 5000 with its original cardboard box included - Now that's RARE !! Serial number on this little beauty was 52789. The reel attracted 21 bids before selling for $527. A Worthy price for such a beautiful set. The reel was described as being in NEARLY new condition.

Record 1900C
$527 - (Tradera) Oct 2006
This beautiful example of the Record 1900C with its box. 17 bids on this reel that was described as being in V.G.Cond

Record Ambassadeur 6000
$520 - (Ebay) June 2006 A Record Ambassadeur 6000 sold for $520. There were 15 bids on this reel that was described as being in V.G Condition. The tension nut on the handle side of the reel was missing and the seller also reported a small amount of corrosion on the foot of the reel.

Record 2100
$504 - (Tradera) Sept 2006
Another Record Sport 2100, this time with its original box making it also an attractive collectable, despite the cond of the reel and box. 8 bids this time and finally selling for $504.

Record 1500 WD
$493 - (Tradera) Oct 2006
A WD marked Record 1500 with its rare green seagrass box sold for $493. 16 bids, with no real description about the reel !

Record 1550 Model A
$486 - (Tradera) August 2006 A Rare find - Record 1550 Model A complete with red agate and a very rare seagrass box sold for $486. 3 bids only on this rare combination which was described as being in Ex Cond. The reel was described as having very little use, and still having the original line it, whilst the seagrass box was described as being in V.G Cond. Judging by the photos the seller was pretty accurate !

Record 1400
$485 - (Tradera) August 2006 Yet Another Rare combo - Record 1400 complete with the rare blue seagrass box sold for $485. Reel was described as being a 9/10 and produced in 1948. No other info given about the reel or box. 14 Bids on this item

Abu Ambassadeur 30
$459 - (Ebay) Oct 2006
For for the second to largest reel Abu produced. The biggest being the Abu Ambassadeur 30. However what a find - This Abu Ambassadeur 20 according to the seller was brand new. Beautiful reel in the box, which any owner would be proud of.. Under the foot was 761100

Record 2000
$440 - (Ebay) Dec 2006
for this beautiful complete Record 2000 set. All details are included in the photos. Another good example of how to sell a reel !

Record 1560
$430 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
The Record 1560 including its box. These reels were known for their paint loss and most of them I have seen showed plenty of that. Its no wonder they were soon dropped by Abu. This one is probably the best kept I have seen and given it came with its box which is also quite rare,

Record 2000
$423 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
3 for this rare Record 2000 with the amber yellow spacers. Reel was described as being complete however there were a few cracks in the spacers and the line spreader was non functional. Number under the foot was 969. 17 bids on this rare record.

Record 3000 Flyer
$367 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
Was the final price for this Record 3000 Flyer with foot number 4201
Record 2100
$336 - (Tradera) June 2006 A Record 2100 Mint in its box sold for $336. This set was described as being mint. Seller even guaranteed it was unfished and never mounted to a rod.
Yet Another Rare combo - Record 1400 complete with the rare blue seagrass box sold for $485. Reel was described as being a 9/10 and produced in 1948. No other info given about the reel or box. 14 Bids on this item.

Abu / Ambassadeur

Abu Ambassadeur 5500 Gold mint in box
$3711 - (Ebay) August 2009
Sellers Description:
This auction is for Abu Ambassadeur 5500G mint in box. The reel is highly sought after by collectors in this condition. The reel is the original, made in 1977. The reel foot has serial number 770200. The reel comes with the original box. The box is in really excellent condition with no tears, considering it's 32 years old. It also comes with oil tube, wrench, line economizer, brake blocks and all the paperwork that it was shipped with from the factory 32 years ago. Only a few of these reels exist as mint in box now. This is your chance to own one of the rarest vintage Ambassadeurs.

Unfished Ambassadeur 5500 Gold.
$3025 - (Ebay) May 2006
This reel is quite rare and much sort after by collectors. When a so called "Unfished" model popped up on Ebay, I expected it would go for a good price, and indeed it did. There were 23 bids and the lucky buyer paid $3025. All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS ! (And I'll just keep dreaming of the day I can afford to buy one)

$1915 - (Ebay) June 2006
An ABU GARCIA AMBASSADEUR 5500 GOLD CASTING REEL WITH ORIGINAL BOX sold for $1915. There were 21 bids and the set was described as V.G Cond with little use. One minor rub on the right top plate. The box was also in Good Cond.Serial number under the foot looked to be 770200

Ambassadeur 5000D Champagne Gold
$1000 - (Ebay) Oct 2006
Was the single bid winning price for this champagne gold Ambassadeur 5000D. Included in the auction was its rare box. Here is the history according to the seller of this reel.
Vintage ABU Ambassadeur 5000D Champagne Gold in near mint condition with rare Gamble Skogmo 50th Anniversary Box. The Champagne Gold 5000D is believed to have been made specially for the anniversary celebrations of supermarket chains like Wal-Mart. Reel foot number is 741100. Two Gamble Skogmo anniversary stickers are on either side of the box. Something i got from the net about Gamble-Skogmo "In 1925, the first Gamble-Skogmo store opened in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The second and third stores opened in Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota, respectively. Their business survived many financial crises, including the depression of the 1930s. Gamble was company president at Gamble-Skogmo from 1925-45 and was chairman of the board until his retirement in 1977. The company was acquired in 1980 by the California based Wickes Corporation."-----

Ambassadeur 5000D Champagne Gold
$920 - (Ebay) Nov 2006
A Gold Ambassadeur 5000D in Ex.Cond sold for $920. 15 bids on this reel with serial number 741100. A similar reel sold for $450, but was in used cond. with boat rash.

Ambassadeur 6500
$945 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
$945 for this Abu Ambassadeur 6500. According to the seller this was the first reel in the series with the Ambassadeur 6500 engraved on the left hand side plate. The foot number was given as 780400. Lots of interest with 23 bids from buyers battling to own this piece of the history chain wihin Abu.

Ambassadeur 5000D Gold
$900 - (Ebay) Sept 2006
An Abu Ambassadeur 5000D Gold with serial number 741100 sold for $900. Described as being an unused reel, with the crank nut missing and in excellent working order. The reel attracted 17 bids

Ambassadeur 5000D Gold
$831 - (Ebay) Sept 2006
for this 5000D Gold with serial 741100. Described as being in Ex.Cond with minor nicks and minor scratches on the outer edge's. 16 bids on this reel.

Ambassadeur 6500 Red
$821 - (Tradera) Oct 2006
Abu Ambassadeur 6500 Red. Serial was 781004 and the reel was described as being MINT. As you can also see, this was the engraved model. No cheap-labelled job here. 15 bidders and a final selling price of $821

Ambassadeur 5500C Gold
$800 - (Ebay) Nov 2006
For the Ambassadeur 5500C Gold. 15 bids on this reel described as being 99.9% mint ! The foot number on the reel was 770803

Ambassadeur 5500 Gold
$660 - (Ebay) Oct 2006
Seems to be the month for GOLD on Ebay…After 9 bids, $660 was the winning price for this Abu Ambassadeur 5500 Gold. Minor rash and chrome scaling with serial number 770200.

Abu Ambassadeur 6000 with roman numerals
$625 - (Tradera) May 2006
An Abu Ambassadeur 6000 with roman numerals sold for an impressive $625
Described as...
"Old super rare Abu Ambassadeur 6000…This is the First model after the Record Ambassadeur 6000 models. Has roman numbers inside (III), handle from record Ambassadeur, and the leather case same as the Record. All original, this reel is rarer than all record models. Reel in very good condition, but not new. Comes from the 50ies! Also included is the leather case, parts and tube".

Ambassadeur 6500C
$622 - (Ebay) August 2006
was the price paid for this Ambassadeur 6500C. The reel serial/foot number was 10502 and the reel was described as being in Ex.Cond. There were 10 bids. (No Photo)
$587 - (Ebay) Jan 2006

Ambassadeur 5500 Gold
An Ambassadeur 5500 Gold reached $587. This reel in my opinion was in good condition. It showed signs of boat rash in the usual places, and the seller also mentioned there were light nicks, here and there. One of the chrome support bars also showed signs of brassing. Mechanically the reel was described as perfect and the Serial number / Foot number was 720200

Abu 444 in the box with extra spool
$550 - (Tradera) August 2006
for this Abu 444 in the box with extra spool. 18 bids on this set which was described as the reel being in used cond and the box had some damage as the pics show.

Ambassadeur 6500 brown
$530 - (Ebay) Sept 2006
An Abu Ambassadeur 6500 brown reel in near mint cond sold for $530.
Serial was 76110 and there were 22 hopeful bids placed on the reel. Nice clear pics.

Ambassadeur 4500
$510 - (Ebay) July 2006
An Ambassadeur 4500 Casting Reel-Unused fetched a great price after 13 bids. It sold for $510. The seller described the reel as looking to be unused and therefore in Ex.Cond. Pretty accurate description going by the pictures ! The serial number was 780100.. I believe this seller could have got even more for this reel if he had of opened up to "worldwide bidding", however he would only ship within the USA. (The pictures for this reel appear at the bottom of the page)

Abu Ambassadeur 6500
$504 - (Tradera) August 2006
A mint in the box Abu Ambassadeur 6500. This reel was the first in the series and had a serial / foot number of 780400. It also had the Ambassadeur 6500 engraved on the side plate. Picture was not the best but didn't put off the 15 bidders with the final winning bid at $504

Ambassadeur 5000C in the box and still covered in plastic wrapping !
$456 - (Ebay) Nov 2006
For a SEALED in the box Ambassadeur 5000C - Hmmm sounds too good to be true!
Well you can see the plastic around the box and the interesting thing with this auction was the debate over weather to open the box or not…Some bidders wanted to see what they were buying, whilst others demanded the box / plastic wrapping should NOT be opened. What would you do if you were the buyer ?? Personally for me it would be a daily temptation to open it.. Imagine having this in your collection but never actually seeing it - Ohhhhh the temptation.. Anyway the seller decided to NOT remove the plastic around the box and after only 9 bids it sold. As for the condition - well I guess we will never know ! It was also stated that this boxed set was from the collection of John Galella Jr.


Napp & Nytt
$2025 - (Ebay) Dec 2006
Complete collection of the Napp & Nytt Series from Gote Borgstrom.
4 bids and sold for $2025
Seller was a very well known person within the "Collectors Circle" but no names here !

Victory A1
$1178 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
Was the winning bid on this rare Victory A1 in its original box. Both the reel and box were described as being in V.G.Cond.

Abu 999
$1123 - (Tradera) Oct 2006
For the ultra rare Abu 999. The seller added the following note…Ultra rare 999 probably prototype with external bail trip to close bail! Unique opportunity to own this reel! 13 bids on this reel. There was a second Abu 999 that sold later in the month for $616.

Napp & Nytt
$1025 - (Tradera) March 2006
This item topped the month, and sold for $1025. It was not a reel, but it was Abu's Napp & Nytt from 1950. It was described as being in new cond.

Abu Service Box
$776 - (Ebay) Dec 2006
for this Abu Service Box

Arjon Champion Reel
$571 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
For this lovely Arjon Champion Reel including the leather case. 10 bids on this reel that was produced between 1953 - 1955. Note: Another Arjon of same model without its case sold for $428. Reel appeared to be in V.G+ Cond.

Pebeco 121
$551 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
For this Pebeco 121 in new cond. complete with its original box. The Guarantee card was still attached to the foot of the reel.

Abu Catalogue - You can rely on Record
$506 - (Tradera) May 2006
Not a reel, but a very very rare Abu Catalogue.. This catalogue is featured in Dan Skorpians book. The English Translation for the words on the cover are "You can trust or rely on, a Record" This very picture is still reproduced even today for use on postcards.

Cardinal 33 CDL
$472 - (Tradera) Sept 2006
An Abu Cardinal 33 CDL sold for $472. This little beauty attracted 13 bids. Described as mint and unfished.

Nordic General
$464 - (Tradera) Nov 2006
For this Nordic General which was described as being in new cond