Abu Auction Watch 2016 - Swedish Site

All descriptions are from the sellers !

Prices have been converted to US Dollars. Click on the thumbnails below for a description or watch the results in a slideshow, Choose full screen to read the descriptions. 

October 2016 - Featured Abu Auctions..

1970's Abu Fishing Rack / Rod Holder $607

1946 Abu Record 1400 Blue Seagrass box $287

Abu Record 1000 with original box. $199

Record Ambassadeur no. 5000 mod. SG $1,826

1952 ABU Record Super 2500 sold for $350

Abu Record 450 Sold for $1,018

1971 ABU Junior fishing set with a Abumatic 220 Unused - $75

Abu Record Sport 2100 sold for $115

Abu Ambassadeur 2000C - $70. Described as being in V.G Cond. 

1952 Record Ambassadeur 5000 BLACK - $1,683 

1977 ABU Ambassadeur 6600 C - $231 

1972 Early Abu Ambassadeur 5001C (Left-hand wind) Complete set in V.G. Cond. $159

Abu 222 with its original box - Sold for $146

November 2016

1952-53 Record Black Am1bassadeur 5000 - Sold for $3,875. In V.G Cond, 2 small scratches on the reels top side plates. Roman numbers inscribed on the inside plate. There were 88 bids

Record 1800A from 1948, complete with box. Described as being in fine working cond. Sold for $75

Record Ambassadeur 5000 MOD SG Sold for $373. The reel had some issues with the line spreader, which in turn caused the spool to stop during winding. No serial number under the foot.

Abu Pimplespö (Ice Rod and reel) A Nice example, which sold for $23

Record 2000 Complete with leather case, spare parts amd paperwork including the original guarentee! Very nice and complete set - Serial number under foot was 3964. Sold for $136

Ambassadeur 3500CA Chrome Limited edition with Wooden box, sold for $280. The reel had been used.

December 2016

A Record Ambassadeur 5000 attracted alot of bidding despite the poor pictures! Deep red in colour, no foot number, and an unmarked leather case give some clue to its era of around 1952-56. There were 77 bids with the winning bid being $468

ABU 1750 In excellent condition,1964-1965. The original box and reel looked to be in very good condition and the seller wrote that the reel was never used, hence attracting 36 bids to sell for $153

Record 1900 Green, Described as being in good cond and working well. 46 bids resulted in the reel selling for $137

Abu Ambassadeur 5001C, In top condition. Described as being unfished, complete with the black leather case, and original packing - Very nice set ! 21 bids and sold for $139

Record 1000 - Good working cond. Sold for $60

Record Standard 3.5 inch flyfishing reel - Described as being near mint. Sold for $101. There were 37 bids. 

Record Ambassadeur 5000 SG sold for $522. Described as working perfectly, some boat rash om the rims, complete with leather case and spare parts. Surprisingly there were only 17 bids !

Record Ambassadeur 5000 sold for $352. Described as being in perfect working order, grey spool and starwheel, complete with leather case and spares. The reel is from aprox 1963. No serial number under the foot of the reel.There were 50 bids on this item.