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All descriptions are from the sellers !

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January 2017 

Ambassadeur 5000 complete in shop display box, sold for $370 USD. Matching serials numbers on both the box and reel. Always a nice set to have in anycollection. Serial number 410623. 38 bids.

Ambassadeur 5500 Red, Beautiful complete set from 1979. Sold for $508, 35 Bids submitted for this amazing set.

Record Sport 2100 from 1947 with original box, oil, spanner and even the gold guarantee label that came with the reel. Sold for $265. 17 bids on this auction.

Record 1400 WD Marked with blue seagrass box, sold for $297. Hard to fins box these days ! 21 bids.

February 2017

Plenty of good sales this month, with good prices reached for some very nice reel sets !

Ambassadeur 6600C High Speed from 1977 attracted 41 bids, with the winning bid being $498. Described as possibly being unfished and in beautiful cond.

Abu Ambassadeur 6000C with serial number 760404 sold for $315. 49 Bids for this reel which was described as being "as new condition"

Record 2000 with its purchase receipt dated 1949. Now this to me is a VERY VERY collectable set. Not often you get the chance to buy a reel complete with the shop receipt ! Surprisingly, there were only 23 bids with the winner paying $190.. Can only say - GREAT BUY!

ABU 600 Export Reel (Record 2000) - RARE RARE RARE, I dont think I have ever seen this reel before up for auction, but here it is. 10 bids with the winning bid being $948 !  The reel is now on its way to Japan. Described as... "ABU 600 Export reel (Record 2000), the original leather box. Reel is in reasonable good shape but has wear, and works well. The reel has a crack in the pads, seen at the image."

Abu 222, Mint Condition - Sold for $465 (26 Bids) THe pictures tell the story.

Record 2100 with its original purple lined box (Very Rare Box) Lots of interest with 63 bids and a good return for the seller... Winning bid was $1250

Record 1600 (Early Model) WD Markt and with grey agate. Sold for $177. Looked to be in great shape, nothing written about the working condition of the reel.

Yet another beautiful collectors piece, and its another Record 2000. Described as being never used and came complete with. well everything ! 16 bids which ended at $324

Same Seller, and yet another beautiful set, this time a Record 2300C Clipper, sold for $276. Also described as unused. Worthy to note also was that this reel had the red competition spool on it, which obviously cant be seen in the photo's.

Record 1900C complete with its box and spare parts attracted 24 bidders and sold for $264. Surely one of Abu's most attractive reels in my humble opion. No mention about the condition of this reel in the acution, basically described as.. What you see is what you get !

An unfished Abu Ambassadeur 5000D attracted 19 bids and sold for $220.

One for the Abu Flyfishermen.. A nicely boxed Record Standard fly-fishing reel sold for $72. There were 32 bids on this auction.

March 2017

A Scare 1st edition of the Abu Record 1500, complete with it green seagrass box. Shown as being made between 1939 - 1942. There was only one bid, and that was for the start price of $334 USD, or in Swedish money - 3000kr. Very nice piece to have in any collection, especially with it's original box !

Noooooo - Your not seeing double ! This is also an Abu 1500, complete with it's original box. It sold for exactly the same price as the previous one. The difference ??  If you look closely, you will see that this one is marked WD (Wilhelm Denninghoff). So this goes right back to the early Abu years when Abu's owner, Borgstörm was looking to sell his Abu reels through wholesalers within Sweden. Another nice piece to have in any collection ! $334 USD SOLD !

Turning into an interesting month with unusual, and hard to find reels turning up. Here we have a RED / Black Combo of the ABU 333. Described as never being used, this reel  sold for $170. The reel only sold for a very short time, before the colour was changed.

Record Ambassadeur 5000. No description on the working condition of the reel, or any other details really. The 21 bids placed on the reel must have been based on the photo's alone. Sold for $265

A Record Ambassadeur 5000_Model SG - Complete with its leather case, reserve parts etc sold for $802. 3 bids on this collectable piece of history !

Early Record 1400 complete with its original blue (sun bleached) box. 15 bids and selling for $127.

Record 300 (ice-fishing reel) Once in a life time !!! I have seen maybe 3-4 Record 300's in my time keeping of keeping records (excuse the pun) But I have never seen one complete with the blue grass box. Well here it is, and sadly my budget stopped me from bidding long before the auction ended. There were 38 bids placed and the winning bid was $1426 ! This reel really is a piece of Abu history !! The reel was described as being in very good condition. The seller noted that the bottom corner of the box hade a split in it. Also the short dise of the box (No picture) had the following writing on it.. Record Pimpel och Spinnrulle N:O 300

Early Abu Record 5000 attracted 67 bids, eventually selling for $240. Described as being in used with signs of boat rash on it. Grey spool and star wheel. The foot number for some reason hade been filed off it ?? Looked to me to be a nice collectablr set, if you take into account all the extra's that came with it.

Described as possibly unfished, this nice looking Record Standard attracted 31 bids, with the winning bid being $106. The bottom of the box hade minor water damage to it.

April 2017

Starting off the month with the humble Abu-Matic 70 (First Model Red / Gold) 41 Bids selling for $125. Nice set, complete with the casting dob, user manuel, tools and the gold warranty badge.

An Ambassadeur 5500D, Described as being in mint cond. Sold for $399. Foot number was 770900 - 52 bids.

Ambassadeur Abu 20 with foot number 760800 sold for $290. Described as being in Super Cond, Complete with its leather case , box and instrucrion manuel.

Record Ambassadeur 5000. A Complete Set as shown in the pic. Sold for $323. No foot number, grey spool and grey starwheel. Described as being in good working Cond.

Abu Record 2100 Competition Reel (Rare !) This is indeed a rare find. From the early 60's, these record 2100 reels with special spools were designed for long casting, and as a result, were also used for competition casting.  The reel sold for $745 after 13 bids.

$1400 USD... Thats the price this Abu Ambassadeur 5000 Black sold for!  Not to be confused with the Record 5000 Black, ot the Ambassadeur 5000C Black. I  have to admit, I was abit confused over this reel, and I do not think I have ever seen one until now. However, here it is. It attracted 86 bids. Foot number on the reel was 10123

Record 400 Sportex sold for $470. Described as being in good cond. with extra spool. Foot number 40 3.

Record 450 Sportex sold for $470. Described as being in good cond. with extra spool. Foot number 40 5.

May 2017 

Record 2200, Nice Cond. Complete with leather case, grease and oil. After 37 bids, sold for $140.

Ambassadeur 2000 with counter display box. Described as being in good condition. Seller mentioned that he thought the handle had been changed on the reel.  39 bids, sold for $140

Record 1900 Model A (1958 - 1961)- Sold for $205 (33 bids) Described as being in good cond

June and July (Gone Fishin) Swedish Summer

See my Blog, if your interested in seeing where I fish for Salmon in the Swedish summer.

August 2017

Abu Record 600 Sold for $140.  31 bids on this reel that was described as working well. The reel came with it's original leather case.

Abu Ambassadeur 5000 DeLuxe. Sold for $705. THe reel was described as being an early versionod the 5000 Deluxe reels. The serial number was 2919. THe reel itself was described as being in very good condition, and probably never used for fishing. The reel also came with an extra spool, part #5239, which is a special spool for this particular reel. There were 37 bids

ABU Ambassadeur 8000C med extra-spole. Sold for $183. No description ? Bidders asked to look at the photo's !

Sept 2017

Abu 888 with its box, sold for $395. Described as being in good condition attracted 41 bids.

An early model oil flask, for the early Record Ambassadeur reels. These were always included with the leather case and tool. So what so special about it ? Hmmm not so much really ! Why am I even putting here ? Well the PRICE is just unbelievable in my opinion. 17 bids later and it sold for... WAIT FOR IT.....$45 USD !!!

ABU Record 2000. This Beautiful collectors item sold for $340 with 50 bids in place. In this case, the pictures really do tell the story, and its a good example of how to "Sell" an expensive ABU collectable item ! (Serial number under the foot was 4960)

ABU Ambassadeur 6500 C High Speed - Sold for $321. (Made 1974-1979) in this gunmetal blue.
Reel serial number 780404. Complete with the original box, oil and tools, the reel was described as being in near mint condition.  50 bids on this very nice set !

Abu Ambassadeur 5000C, with it's original box. Described as being Absolutely in mint.condition. Sold for $211, there were 20 bids.

Abu Ambassadeur Record 5000, with serial number 56089. sold for $319.

November 2017

A Record Ambassadeur 6000 with its original leather case and accessaries sold for $416. Described as still working well and in fine condition. No serial number under the foot. 4 bids

An Abu Cardinal 3, unfished, with its original carton and serial number 800901, sold for $517. There were 103 bids for this very nice complete set.

Abu Ambassadeur 6500 C (Big A) with serial number 740202. sold for $294. Described as looking like it was never fished with. No defects, and came with its Black leather Caseing.  70 bids.

Abu 333 (Red) RARE, Abu 333 with the red colour casing sold for $503. Described as being in very good condition, and never used.  30 bids

Abu Ambassadeur 8000 two speed automatic sold for $240. Described as being in very good condition, with a couple of small marks on it. Serial number was 020501. 40 bids

Abu Record 1900A sold for $540 USD. Described as never used, it came with its original box, cover bag and the line on the spool was from the factory. 72 bids

Abu Ambassadeur 5500D sold for $361. Described as being in unfished, mint condition. Complete with its original box, oil, tool and leather cover. Serial number was 770900 . 12 bids

Abu Ambassadeur 6500 sold for $205, No description about the reel itself, other than look at the photo's! According to the seller the reel was first sold in the USA in 1977, and in Sweden 1978. Serial number of the reel was 770900. 39 bids 

Abu Ambassadeur Morrum (Mörrum) M7700CL sold for $267. Described as being in very good condition, with only a little signs of usuage. Came with its box, tools and oil. 54 bids

Record Ambassadeur 5000 MOD SG sold for $997. Described only as being in fine condition ! There were 87 bids. 

Record 1560C, Complete with its box - sold for $216. No description of the reel given, but from the pics it looked to be in very tidy condition. As for the working condition ?

Record 1000 - Sold for $419. Very nice set as can been seen in the pics. According to the seller, the reel was used only 2 times by the previous owner. Hard to find in this condition and complete with the box, hence the high price ! 

Abu Sport 2100, complete with counter display boc and spare parts. Sold for $190. There were 21 bids. No written description regarding the working cond. of the reel.

Record Ambassadeur 5000, Despite the poor pictures, this reel sold for $322. There were 73 bids ! Described as been in good working condition, it had a few scratches in the paintwork, and boat rash on the edge plates. No serial number and grey star wheel.

December 2017.

2 x reels and a record taxi meter. These appear in the "Special Abu Items" section.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all........ Pete !